Hey! There’s Paul!


Today’s post comes from guest writer, Linda Alderfer. Linda is the DC4K Director and Senior Consultant.

Following is a story that comes from her own experience of running a DivorceCare for Kids group at her church.


During an evening neighborhood walk, we passed the house of one of our DC4K students.

It’s been a turbulent year for this 6 year old. Dad moved out in the fall, just as Kindergarden began.

With shared custody, he and his 3 year old brother spend 1/2 the week at Mom’s and 1/2 the week at Dad, (with Dad’s girlfriend and her kids). The only thing that has remained consistent is the daily babysitter.

Our little DC4K guy came running from the backyard shouting to his brother, “Hey there’s Paul! He’s a lot of fun!”

I’ll admit after 30 years of marriage, he is a lot of fun! However, in that moment I could see admiration, respect and a relationship of substance and meaning, as this little guy came running toward Paul for a hug, high five and another hug.

Paul was his Safekeeper, it’s as simple as that!

Paul knew things this little guy might not tell others. Those two have prayed together, worked on scripture decoders together, talked about Jesus, laughed during alphabet exercises and crazy DC4K games. They have a history, a meaningful relationship.

I thank God for this precious relationship between Paul and our little DC4K guy who is still trying to get his bearings after a turbulent year.

I marvel once again at the power of relationship and how that impacts this generation of hurting children.

There were many on our DC4K leadership team. However, God called forth a special connections of depth and trust between these two, that will (Lord willing) continue to grow as this student matures.

When life get’s hard, (and we know it will) he knows where to find listeniing ears, support and prayer.

So the story doesn’t end with the DC4K season, God has a plan and all He requires is our “Yes.”


Thanks Linda for sharing this heart felt story and reminding all of us how important connections are for the child of divorce.

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