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  • A result of the “Where Did He Go?” article in K magazine

    Mom Left Dad

    Before the article, “Where Did He Go?” was published in the latest “K”Magazine, a children’s minister contacted Tina Houser, the editor of “K” Magazine. This children’s pastor needed some information on helping a three-year old little boy. Following is some of our conversation. I think you will appreciate this children’s pastor’s story. Children’s Pastor’s request I am a children’s pastor and I am  Read more…

  • Inspired to develop, lead and disciple at CMLeaders Conference

    CM Leaders

    This past weekend I was privileged to attend the CMLeader’s Conference in Columbus, OH. This conference was sponsored by INCM, International Children’s Minister Network. The theme was develop, lead and disciple. What a treat it was to get to meet face-to-face all my children’s minster friends. Many of us know each other from FaceBook and Twitter but we have never actually met. We  Read more…

  • Where Did He Go?


    The teacher looked on, as 4-year-old Elsa clung to her mom and screamed, “Don’t weave me. Mommy. Please don’t weave me.” the teacher was confused because little Elsa had always loved coming to her Sunday school class. Mom seemed at a loss as to how to comfort Elsa and get her into the class. The teach gradually moved into the scene, and with  Read more…