10 ways to pray for the child of divorce and their families


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It is important to pray for the child of divorce. Children’s ministers can be a major player in a child’s life by being an intercessory prayer partner. Many times, though, we don’t know how or what to pray for when interceding for the child of divorce.

Here are ten ways to pray for children in your ministry whose parents are divorcing:

  1. Pray for the child’s state of confusion. Children of divorce live in a confused state for a long time after their parents separate. This happens mainly because no one is talking to the child about what is happening.
  2. Pray for the child’s feeling of safety. Almost every child of divorce doesn’t feel safe for at least part of the time after one parent moves out of the home.
  3. Pray for the child to realize the divorce is not his fault and is between the two adults.
  4. Pray for the child’s comfort as he travels back and forth between homes. Realize that every time a child says “hello” to one parent, he has to say “goodbye” to the other parent.
  5. Pray for communication between the child and each parent. The parents are on stress overload, so many times, they unknowingly don’t listen to their child or retreat to their bedrooms to be alone and think.
  6. Pray for the child’s schoolwork. It usually suffers because the child can’t concentrate or focus on studies or homework when his family is falling apart.
  7. Pray for peace. Many children feel like they are living in a war zone. They need the peace of Christ to fill their lives.
  8. Pray for connections at church to be maintained, and new connections created.
  9. Pray for both parents to hear the call of God on their lives.
  10. Pray for the children to realize there is a Father who will never leave them or forsake them.

How do you pray for the child of divorce?


This article is updated and adapted from an article originally published on the Kids & Divorce blog on Jan. 23, 2014.

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