Question of the week: What are 5 reasons a children’s minister should attend a kidmin conference?


1.  You get to meet some of the most fun people in ministry.

2.  You get renewed and rejuvenated.

3.  Your soul gets stretched – think “deeper and wider”.

4.  You learn what products are available to help you do a better job of ministering to the little people in the world. (Like DC4K, DivorceCare for Kids)

5.  Your love for children and the Lord is strengthened.

Children’s ministry can be lonely in some churches. Usually your ministry is the last line item on the budget. Many people in your church, other pastors included, think all you do is baby sit those kids. It can be frustrating and stressful.

However, working with children is the most important ministry of all because we are influencing the next generation of Christians.

Without effective children’s ministers and ministries, there would be no church of the future.

This past week at CPC14 East was simply amazing. I can’t wait for CPC14 West, February 17 – 20th. I’ll be there. Will you?

First picture is Ryan Frank of KidzMatter and myself.

Second picture is Karl Bastain of Kidology and myself.

The third picture is of President Bush and me. Well actually he is a George Bush impersonator. See what I mean when I say kidmin people get to meet some of the most fun people in ministry?




















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