Question of the week: Know why I’m excited to be presenting at CPC this week?



CPC is the Children’s Pastor’s Conference. This week the conference is in Orlando at the Disney Conference Center. Now you might think that being at Disney in the warm sunny climate would be excitement enough but that is nothing compared to joy of being with children’s pastors for four days.

Children’s pastors are the most fun people on the planet. One never knows what is going to happen in a workshop. The exhibit hall is filled with craziness. Every minute there is something going on in the exhibit hall.

Lest you get the wrong impression, children’s pastors are passionate about bringing the love of God to children. Make no mistake there will a lot of prayer as we pray for one another and for the children in our ministries. I will learn a lot from others.

I will be teaching two breakout sessions. The first one is, “Safety Policies that Match Our World in 2014”. We’ll be talking about policies regarding an armed intruder, a bomb threat and facing an angry divorced parent. It is amazing churches that have never thought about conducting a lock down drill and yet it is done in schools all over the U. S.

The second workshop is, “Divorce Hurts – Solution Strategies that Work”. Children of divorce face many challenges. In this class I’ll be giving many tips for ministering to children of divorce successfully. I’ll also be telling some personal stories about kids of divorce and how to apply these situations to one’s ministry in their church. I love teaching this workshop because I love watching the light bulbs go off on the participant’s faces

I would be honored if you would remember CPC in your prayers this week. Pray the Lord take over my workshops and people hear what the Lord wants them to hear regarding their own ministries. Both of my workshops are about safety issues regarding children. One is on physical safety and the other on emotional safety, both of which will save many children in our world.



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