Where Did He Go?



The teacher looked on, as 4-year-old Elsa clung to her mom and screamed, “Don’t weave me. Mommy. Please don’t weave me.” the teacher was confused because little Elsa had always loved coming to her Sunday school class. Mom seemed at a loss as to how to comfort Elsa and get her into the class. The teach gradually moved into the scene, and with her calm and soft voice, she was able to distract Elsa from her mother……

The above is the beginning of an article in the newest edition of “K” Magazine titled “Where Did He Go?”

There is not a lot of information available to help children’s leaders and volunteers help preschool children of divorce. I pray this article I wrote for “K” Magazine will offer some helpful tips and encourage you to reach out with Jesus arms to the preschool children of divorce.

You can read the full article at

7 thoughts on “Where Did He Go?

    • Michael you are right in that more moms are leaving than ever before. However, the majority of kids still live with single moms. I usually try to intersperse an article with dad/mom but for this article it didn’t work. How about next week I post a follow up to this with a dad story? Stay tuned.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    • I am agreeing with you. According to the US census in 2011 and reported by the Pew Research Center this summer some 2.6 million children live in a single dad headed household. And you are correct that there isn’t much support for single dads.

    • All is good. I understand grandparent issues. I would like to suggest your son look into Single and Parenting program. You can find a group near you at

      Just put your son’s zip code in the search box.

      It is a 13-week video based program with lots if discussion and helpful tools to help dads and moms parent alone.

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