How many churches have been equipped with the DC4K, (DivorceCare for Kids) materials?


My first answer to the question above is not nearly enough! DC4K was released twelve years ago and to date a little 3,700 churches have been equipped with the DC4K materials. That is almost one church a day that has been equipped with a DC4K kit.

Many churches will run several 13-week sessions in a year. We know thousands of children are having the opportunity to be exposed to a loving church family and caring DC4K Safekeepers. (DC4K leaders and facilitators are called “Safekeepers”.)

As a matter of fact over 117,000 activity books have been sent out to churches around the world so children can be fully equipped to take an active part in DC4K.

DC4K can be found in many different countries. Probably Canadian and South African churches are the biggest proponents of DC4K after the US. Active DC4K churches can also be found in Australia, Bermuda, Egypt, and New Zealand.

Churches in other countries have the materials but unless they update their church’s information on the DC4K Find-a-Group search engine we have no way of knowing if they are actively running a group.

Want to learn more about how to start a DivorceCare for Kids group for the hurting children in  your community. Click here


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