Question of the week: What were the top 3 reasons you created DivorceCare for Kids?


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People often ask me why I created DC4K or DivorceCare for Kids. There are many reasons; hundreds of them, and they all have a name. They are boys and girls that I have known and worked with down through the years.

The top 3 reasons I created DC4K, DivorceCare for Kids are:

Reason #1

Approximately one million children a year see the break up of their once intact family. They are hurt, bewildered and confused with no direction or help in healing from this devastation. Many are like little nomads wandering around for years searching for something to soothe the pain.

Reason #2

I saw a tremendous need for an easy to run program for churches to use with children whose parents were divorcing.

When I went through a divorce back in the mid 80s there was nothing out there to help me help my children. My church was clueless. I was clueless. Even my children’s schoolteachers didn’t know how to help.

Reason #3

The Lord laid it on my heart to find a way to help children heal through Him and in His house, the church. While the Lord was working on my heart Steve Grissom, the founder of DivorceCare, was looking for someone to write and develop DC4K, DivorceCare for Kids. The rest is history!

Today over 115,000 children have been helped through DC4K and almost 4,000 churches worldwide have been equipped with the materials to help these children. So many more kids need help. So many more churches need to help these kids.

Check out how to start a DC4K, DivorceCare for Kids, group in your church.


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