Mother’s Day


Single Mom Field Text

How are you honoring the moms of kids in single parent
families in your church?

Single moms are wonderful caring and hard working people. Celebrate them. Honor them and love on them this Mother’s Day. And remember some single mom’s won’t have their children with them on Mother’s Day. For those moms Mother’s Day is a painful reminder that they parent alone.

Ask that lonely single mom to sit with you during the church service. Invite her to go with you and your family out to dinner. Present her with a special flower or gift that says she is a special mom and  you honor her for carrying the heavy load alone.

About the kids

Remember, however, that not every kid that attends your church will live with their mom. Mother’s Day an be hurtful for them if their situation isn’t taken into consideration.

We have to be gentle and caring with all children when it comes to celebrating Mother’s Day. Maybe kids who don’t live with their mother can make a grandmother present or a present for a senior adult in your church who doesn’t have their grandkids close close by.


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