Kids & Divorce Christmas Greetings: Compilation of Christmas Articles



We’ve posted quite a few articles the past few years to help you help the children of divorce and the single parents in your church.

Following is a summation of some those articles. I pray you are able to use these to minister to the hurting in your church and that they open the eyes to many ministers and volunteers who work with the child of divorce.

Children of divorce and the holidays: little people at the big people’s table

5 Ways you can help single parents survive the upcoming holidays

Ways to help the angry child of divorce be thankful at Thanksgiving and Christmas

How do I help single parents reduce stress for kids who have to switch homes during the holidays? 

Changing family structures: how they affect your church’s Christmas celebrations

How do I help single parents celebrate Christmas this year?

The funny side of single parenting during Christmas holidays

Why is the interruption of routines and traditions at Christmas so difficult for a child?

How you can encourage single parents to attend church during the holidays?

Learn the 3 S’s of Christmas and how they trigger unexpected emotions for kids of divorce 

Why we shouldn’t try and “happy up” children who are hurting at Christmas

Give it all to Jesus: My personal story of surviving the holidays


Blessings and Merry Christmas


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