New helpful single parent resource



Take a look at the new “sharpened” ParentZone with resources, to help single-parents and those supporting them.

You can send single parents to the ParentZone to watch short videos to hep them during the time of parenting alone.

Here are some samples:

You can provide articles they can read when they have a moment or two to think about their single parenting skills.

Here are just a few samples:

You’ll also find a list of tips to minimize the effects of divorce on kids. This list of things to do and not do is a good list for all children’s leaders to read so  you have an idea of how to guide and help single parents when they come to you with questions about their children during a divorce process.

Short videos explaining DC4K, DivorceCare for Kids, DivorceCare and Single & Parenting are on this site. It will be good to know about these programs and have them in your resource list for future reference.

Please take advantage of these resources on our ParentZone for single parents.



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