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Today’s post is by guest writer Linda Alderfer. Linda is the DC4K (DivorceCare for Kids) ministry coach for churches that have purchased the DC4K kit and for those with questions about starting DC4K. Linda’s inspiring story brings attention to the excitement churches can experience when starting such a vital and needed program for the hurting children in all of our communities.

When I first talked with Care Pastor Wil Reichmann from First Immanuel Lutheran Church in Cedarburg, WI, last October, he wanted information about building an effective DC4K team. He was getting ready to launch this new ministry. He and I had no idea what God was getting ready to call forth for DC4K.

I watched as God called forth a huge team, as Pastor Reichmann followed the four simple steps in the DC4K recruit strategy.

Recruit strategy

1) Show the 1-minute recruit clip for three Sundays with an info table, answering potential leaders’ questions.

2) Email this link to your prayer warriors, asking them to pray for leaders who will help hurting kids find hope in Jesus:

3) As God calls forth leaders, train them with the orange Leader Training Video DVD (in your kit).

4) Send your leaders’ contact info (name/email) to give them access to the free Lesson Plans book pdf file, weekly downloads, and classroom challenge articles. (Email their info to

Soon he had a team of twelve leaders. Yes, that is not a typo!  God called forth twelve passionate folks for DC4K leadership.

Whenever God calls forth a large and strong dedicated team, you know He is preparing for a mighty work. As the leaders were trained and the first twelve students were registered, the waiting list of preregistered kids grew.

After seeking God and talking with the team, it became clear to Pastor Reichmann that their church was to offer two DC4K groups that season—one after-school group and one that would come alongside the adult DivorceCare group in the evening.

This church followed God’s call. They were flexible and open to what God had in store. They divided the team and multiplied the DC4K ministry. They were still able to offer that great relationship-building ratio of three (or more) adults to ten to twelve students.

We celebrate what God did and the willingness of the DC4K team to be flexible and obedient!

Can God do this at your church?

Are you ready for a “God-sized” DC4K adventure?

It starts by extending the invitation and showing the 1-minute recruitment clip that we provide free to churches that have purchased DC4K materials.

As God enlarges your team and you promote your group information in the community (add your group to the Find a Group search feature at, be determined to reach kids with the healing love of Jesus!

Three churches last winter multiplied their DC4K ministry reach, as God enlarged their team to six to eight adult leaders.

Don’t hold back; God is moving, and we want to move with Him to reach hurting kids with hope.

If you have a multiplication story about DC4K, I’d love to hear it! DC4K can be a bridge that links your church to your community. So if you have kids in your community who are dealing with the divorce of their parents, check out DC4K. We give you everything you need to know about starting and maintaining a successful DC4K group.

Praise Him!

Linda Alderfer
DC4K Director / Ministry Coach
1-800-487-7778 ext. 222


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