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Several years ago I had a man tell me, “Don’t leave these kids from divorced homes at the foot of the cross!”

I wasn’t sure I heard what he said so I asked him to repeat it.

Don’t leave these kids of divorce at the foot of the cross!

This was very confusing to me. I had to ask what on earth was he talking about. He went onto explain.

I came to know Christ as a kid. I had a hard life early on. There was a lot of trauma in our family. One man mentored me and helped me come to know Christ as my Savior. But he left me at the foot of the cross. In other words that man got me saved but it never went any further than me accepting Christ as my personal Savior.

I didn’t come from a family that went to church. I didn’t understand the Bible and it was hard for me to read and comprehend it. I had no one to go to in my family because I was the only one going to church.

What church leaders can do

  • Provide materials about God’s love and salvation for the child’s single parent
  • If the child attends your VBS and accepts Christ or has questions about it, send information home and then do a follow up contact with the single parent
  • Remember to provide information digitally that the parent can check into from their private device be it their phone, computer, hand held device, etc.
  • Assign an adult or a two-parent family that has a child the same age to follow up with this child
  • Send friendly messages to the child for no other purpose than to stay in contact
  • Keep reminding the child that God is a heavenly father that will never leave him/her or forsake them. Children of divorce have to have this repeated since many times some of them feel like one of their parents has left them
  • Some of these children may move around a lot. Develop a relationship with them early on so when they move you will know their where they live
  • Remember it is not about keeping them in your church, which we would all like to do, but it is about Kingdom purposes and bringing this child into the Kingdom
  • If the single parent doesn’t attend your church invite them
  • Present the plan of salvation to the single parent if possible (don’t discount the power of the Holy Spirit in this matter)
  • Provide groups such as DivorceCare, GriefShare and Single & Parenting when appropriate

More than once I have been surprised by a turn of events regarding a single parent and or their children. One single mom in NC that had four children came to our DivorceCare for Kids group. The youngest one was just in kindergarten. After that session of DC4K I moved to Florida to help my deployed daughter’s family while she was away. The mom remarried and she also moved to another location. A couple of years after moving I heard from this single mom at Easter. She said her youngest son told her the Easter story the night before. She was amazed and asked how he knew so much about Easter. He said, “Miss Linda told me.”

To be honest with you I don’t remember talking that much about Easter. Our group met in the spring and over Easter. To talk about Easter and God’s love for us that He allowed His son to die for our sins and then be raised from the grave is normal for me. This family was not one of our “church families.” I have no idea if they attended church after their mom remarried. I do know that the seeds have been planted.

Are you leaving children at the foot of the cross? It is something to think about.

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