Question of the week: What were your top blog posts in 2014?


This is a great question that I am happy to answer. I have been amazed at the number of reads on our Kids and Divorce blog.

Top ten reads for 2014

Starting with the count down from number 10.

Ten: Divorce hurts kids – literally divorce hurts

Nine: Co-parenting that hurts kids and what you can do to help

Eight: KidMin Alert: Evangelical Christians are divorcing at a higher rate than non-Christians

Seven: One simple technique that changes how you discipline kids of divorce

Six: How will you handle Father’s Day and the child of divorce?

Five: Understanding co-parenting situations

Four: 5 Misperceptions About Children of Divorce and Their Families

Three: Effects of Divorce on the 6, 7 and 8 year-old Child

Two: What are the 2 most difficult days out of the entire year for the child of divorce?

One: 10 things kids of divorce do well

Our goal of teaching people about issues faced by the child of divorce and the single parents in our communities is successful because you, dear readers, help spread the word about these articles. For that we are very grateful. Keep it up!

Our main target has been to focus on

  • Church leaders
  • Children’s minister
  • Family Ministers
  • Youth Ministers

However, we know from comments on Facebook, on the blog and on Twitter that many single parents, grandparents, teachers, child care workers and the general public have read the posts too.

As we end 2014 and move into 2015 we will continue our quest to educate everyone about the child of divorce and single parents. What topic would you like to see regarding kids of divorce and single parents this next year?

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