Jaimie’s Wish – What Would You Say?


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“I wish my daddy would love me as much as he loves his girlfriend and HER daughter, but I know that won’t happen!”

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What would you say to my 12 year-old friend if she were in  your church?

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  1. First of all, God created you individual and special. God loves you so much that HE sent Jesus to earth from heaven just for you. In the book of Jeremiah, God tells Jeremiah that he planned Jeremiah’s life well before he was inside his Mother’s womb – that’s amazing if you think that God wanted you born with all your gifts and talents with exactly the parents you have. Sometimes adults make choices that are not nice or fair and I can’t explain why because I do not know. What I do know is that God loves you with everything HE is, I love you with all I am, and I know your Mom and Dad love you in their own ways too. Something that Rick Warren said a long time ago was that God can use human, imperfect people to make the perfect you :o) Let’s start a grateful journal for you so you can make notes, pictures, write thoughts down to see how many blessings God has given you already and keep writing something every day so that when you get upset, you can go to your journal and see God’s love abounding everyday. Parents are human and make mistakes but God never makes mistakes when HE creates each of us – HE has a purpose for your life. Let’s go discover things to be grateful/thankful for!

    • Beautiful! I pray many KidMin and church leaders will copy your words for a time when they need them. Thank you

  2. Please remember the 3 Al-Anon C’s dear child, “You didn’t cause this, you can’t control this and you can’t cure this.” Your daddy loves you, but he’s probably just caught up in some worldly temptations that are robbing him of the precious gifts he has in you. Growing up, there were many days I felt just like you do, but now that I’m older, I realize God was always faithful to me, providing people who could love me all through my life. These were not always the people I expected to love me, maybe an aunt I saw from time to time, an elderly neighbor or my grandmother would call, send a letter or come by my house. Sometimes a brand new student would move into my school. I’d reach out to welcome them, and in the process, I would slowly begin to feel betteer. Pray for God to provide you with someone to love. In loving them, you’ll find you feel loved too. Today, when I feel unloved, I take a lot of comfort in one of my favorite Bible verses found in Psalm 27:10, “Even if my father and mother abandon me, the LORD will hold me close.”(NLT) You are never, and will never be alone. Night or day, God will always remain faithful to you. Seek Him and He will provide what you need. Love, from your big sister in Christ. Mary

  3. The comments thus far have been great, but I think we need to give these kids some practical advice as well. Yes, ultimately they have a Heavenly Father who will never leave them or forsake them, and we need to continue to remind them of that. In a crisis though it can ring really hollow to these kids no matter how true we know it is.

    I’ve had this conversation with a 12 year old girl, and we reminded her how much God loves her. She was also struggling with some self-image issues based on things her father was saying to her, so we reminded her what a special person she is and how special she is to us and to God.

    However, when it comes to dealing with the relationship issues with her father, the best thing she can do (assuming it is safe to do so) is to talk to her father. So many times these conclusions are based on misunderstandings or misinterpreted actions on both sides. In the end, they become self-fulfilling prophecies and drive the parties apart because they don’t talk about them. If the situation is so volatile that talking always devolves into an argument (which was the case with the girl in my story), we suggested that she write her father a letter to take some of the emotion of the moment out of the equation.

    I think it might be beneficial to talk to her about the five love languages and how sometimes people don’t express love in the same manner that we most easily accept it.

    Finally, I also think it is important to remind this young lady that love is a choice not an emotion. So, no matter how much she feels like her father doesn’t love her as much as his new girlfriend, she is still free to choose to love him.

    Parents mess up, but the only people who suffer when we don’t forgive them is us.

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