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Success Tips for Leading DC4K

Welcome to DC4K! The following success tips will help you provide an effective, long-lasting DC4K ministry to those in your church and local community. These tips have proven successful in helping thousands of others.

Success Tip 1 – Build a Team

Building a DC4K leadership team of dedicated volunteers is key to the group’s effectiveness and long-term success. The Leader’s Guide and Leader Training Video include detailed guidelines on finding mature leaders for your team with a heart for children of divorce. Several LeaderZone Library articles provide tips for recruiting and building your team, such as Where Do You Find DC4K Leaders? and Recruiting a DC4K Team. We’ve provided a one-minute leader recruitment video to inform potential volunteers about DC4K in your church.

Success Tip 2 – Read the Leader’s Guide

Your Leader’s Guide is the foundation of your team’s success. It explains how to recruit a team and how to promote your ministry. Your Leader’s Guide also contains critical information about ministering to children of divorce, group management techniques, and practical tips about working with children. We recommend that each leader have a Leader’s Guide. The Leader’s Guide provides the framework to build a strong, effective, ongoing DC4K ministry.

Success Tip 3 – Watch the Leader’s Video

Inside each kit is a Leader Training Video (Disc 4). This DVD video has three parts, giving great insight on what it takes to run an effective DC4K ministry. Like the Leader’s Guide, this video is for your team to view. You’ll use it each time you bring in new leaders. When training leaders with this DVD, use the Leader Training Discussion Questions after each training segment. These questions are also found in your DC4K Leader’s Guide.

Success Tip 4 – Sign Up for the LeaderZone

Effective DC4K leaders and their team continue to use the online LeaderZone. The LeaderZone contains valuable resources, such as the Leadership Library, which has all the games, forms, worksheets, projects, and patterns needed to run your weekly group. You can download the entire Lesson Plans book and make copies for your leadership team. You’ll find valuable articles to help you run a more effective DC4K group. The Leaders’ Forum is a place where you can ask questions, trade ideas, learn news about new DC4K developments, and share prayer requests. It’s a powerful way to stay connected with other leaders and sharpen your group leadership skills. Be sure to list all your leaders using our online Leader Addition Request Form—fast and simple!

Success Tip 5 – Provide Activity Books

Providing an Activity Book for each child is essential. Each Activity Book contains goals, exercises, a Bible story, journaling space, an explanation of the gospel, and other resources that children use throughout the 13 sessions of DC4K. When the children use the Activity Books, they will get more out of their DC4K experience. Long after they’ve finished going through the DC4K program, they can look back in their Activity Book to reflect upon what they’ve learned, and how they’ve grown. Also, be sure to equip each leader with a copy of the Activity Book. Most churches charge a registration fee equal to or near the cost of the Activity Book ($15 range).

Success Tip 6 – Customize Your Online Find a Group Listing

People in your church and in your community need to know your DC4K group exists. Effective leaders accomplish this by utilizing the free, Find a Group locator on the DC4K website. Simply fill in the Customize Online Listing form on the LeaderZone, then update for each new 13-week cycle. Your listing brings new people to your group! The online listing is one of the most effective ways to bring people to your group, and this is just one of many promotional tools that you’ll find at DC4K: the LeaderZone Promotion Tools section contains logos, sample ads, promo videos, and more!

Success Tip 7 – Connect with a Consultant

A team of DC4K consultants is available to help you weekdays from 9 am–5 pm, eastern time. There is no charge to access these consultants. Call or email them anytime you have a question about your group. They can help you troubleshoot problems you face, give you tips on promoting your group, and even give you a word of encouragement. Call today at 1-800-489-7778 or email info@dc4k.org.

Success Tip 8 – Pray

You are embarking on an important ministry, and we know that there are potential obstacles ahead. We also know that God wants you to succeed and that He wants you to ask Him for help. So make a personal commitment to pray regularly for your group and ask each leader to make the same commitment. We suggest you assemble your leadership team for a short time of prayer before each weekly session, and we encourage you to recruit a prayer team from within your church committed to praying regularly for your group.

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