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  • “We’re Not Getting a Divorce!”


      Have you ever heard an excited, little kid yell, “We’re not getting a divorce! We’re not getting a divorce!” That isn’t something most of us get to hear. More than likely, what you have heard is a sad child mumble, “Mom and Dad are getting a divorce.” I have ministered to couples on the brink of divorce. I want you to know  Read more…

  • Is marriage reconciliation bad for the kids?

    Reconciliation Child

      For years I have been under the impression that reconciliation for divorced couples was the ultimate success story.  I’ve whooped and hollered when a divorcing couple has reconciled. I’ve patted them on the back, high-fived the wife, and given the husband a fist bump. So why would I even hint that reconciliation might be hurtful for the kids? Because I’ve seen how  Read more…